Freight Broker Services & Distribution Solutions

Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage offers experienced and competitive freight broker services and distribution solutions to industries and businesses. Truckers, we can also keep your truck loaded so you don't face any deadhead miles! We have van loads, reefer loads and flatbed loads to keep you rolling!

As a freight broker, Tomlin Trucking can arrange the transportation of your merchandise, not only with our own fleet of trucks, but through the services of over 3,000 other trucking companies nationwide. We know the fast paced world of transportation and how essential it is to meet budgets and delivery schedules.

Since our beginning in 1973 as Gene R. Tomlin Trucking with two trucks pulling freight between the Midwest and south Texas, we have served our customers efficiently and dependably. Our work saw the company grow to a fleet of 24 trucks and the number of customers increased as we helped them find carriers for their freight movements. In 1995, we began serving customers as a freight broker and in 1997 became Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage, Incorporated. Today we service the steel industry, the used clothing industry and the aluminum industry through our four offices. We can manage your freight needs whether you're the shipper or the trucker. Call us for more information, toll free, at 877-418-4644 or contact us online. We still serve our customers with the same dedicated attitude as we did back in 1973. We look forward to working with you in the years to come and to continue to grow with you!

Tomlin Trucking & Brokerage, Inc.
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